Our specialties in law

We build teams of experts adapted to the size and complexity of your projects or your disputes in areas that we master:

  • The legal liability of doctors and private clinics.
  • Administrative and tax disputes
  • Public procurement
  • Business and contract law
  • Real estate and land disputes
  • Mediation and national and international arbitration
responsabilité lagale médecin

The increase in regulation brings with it new obligations making it necessary to be accompanied by legal advice.

A health establishment has premises, technical facilities, materials and products and employs qualified personnel.

Subject to multiple contracts governing its relations with various stakeholders: with patients (hotels, care), with employees, etc.

Maroc Litiges Administratives et fiscaux

Tax disputes can arise under double taxation agreements signed by Morocco with other countries.

A lawyer can help resolve tax disputes quickly, effectively and efficiently under double taxation treaties.

The Administrative Courts are the competent jurisdiction to receive appeals against the State.

Our firm supports you to instruct the procedures

marché public

Public procurement law in Morocco is based on international and national sources. The conditions and rules for controlling public contracts are set by Decree No. 2-12-349.

All contracts subject to the public procurement decree have the character of administrative contracts. The services are provided for a price. The remuneration is conditioned by the results of the operation of the service or the supply. they require the expertise of a specialized lawyer

The specialization of our firm in commercial and contractual questions and disputes related to companies, whether tax, commercial or service disputes, or those related to labor disputes. In addition to concluding and monitoring contracts, it came from the postulate that the lawyer has become a necessary partner for contractualization in order to ensure the legal protection of all the cases and activities that it carries out these companies and to resolve their disputes, whether through legal bodies. arbitration and mediation or before national or international justice. Not only during the existence of the dispute, but also in a proactive framework by monitoring contracts before their ratification and holding periodic meetings. So that the company can strengthen its competitiveness and develop the field of innovation and investment.

Litiges immobiliers et fonciers

The difference and the abundance of legal systems governing real estate ownership and the subjection of each type of these systems to its own laws. On the one hand and on the other hand, these legal systems, in their diversity and abundance, intersect with other laws and regulations, which are those organized within the framework of financial and fiscal laws, not to mention the high prices of real estate in Morocco. What makes investing in it is not easy, whether this investment is made in an individual context or as part of a real estate development company, and from there the idea of ​​specializing in this area has become a very urgent idea.

Modern modes of dispute resolution, as defined by Moroccan law on mediation and national and international arbitration under Law No. 05.08, constitute a modern and effective mechanism for settling many disputes, particularly with regard to the slowness of the normal development of cases before the courts and the complexity of the procedures associated with it, which made mediation and arbitration extremely important, because of the multiple advantages they bring to the parties to the conflict, the most important of which is the simplification of procedures, and the saving of time, which for businessmen and money are part of the capital and constitute a determining factor in the equation of profits and losses. Whether for local investors or foreign investors who are afraid of local legal proceedings due to the complexity of the procedures.