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The increase in regulation brings with it new obligations making it necessary to be accompanied by legal advice.

Tax disputes can arise under double taxation agreements signed by Morocco with other countries.

marché public

Public procurement law in Morocco is based on international and national sources. The conditions and rules..

The specialization of our firm in commercial and contractual questions and disputes related to companies,..

The difference and the abundance of legal systems governing real estate ownership and the subjection of each..

avocat rabat hay riad arbitrage et médiation

Modern modes of dispute resolution, as defined by Moroccan law on mediation and national and international arbitration 

Professional liability

The professional responsibility necessary in the exercise of the activity of a legal professional. such as professional secrecy and the duty to advise.

Serve justice

Serve justice, , affirm the rule of law is The role of a lawyer, and our goal is to fulfill with dedication the mission entrusted to us.

Legal areas

Our law firm has decided to focus on excelling in: The legal liability of doctors and private clinics, Administrative and fiscal disputes and Public procurement

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